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                  Interior Ministry will spend 60 million rubles on devices that can see through walls


                  MIA after several years of testing ordered a lot of wall visors - devices to detect people behind walls - amounting to more than 60 million rubles. Device technology borrowed from the Israeli model will help with anti-terrorist operations.

                  In June, 16 MIA will hold an auction for the purchase of the first lot of wall visors that have been tested for about four years and last year were adopted by the Ministry of Supply. They are designed to "detect behind-a-barrier signs of life behind the walls of cement, plaster, brick and other building materials" and define the target within 0.1 to 20 m, told RBC in the press center of the department.

                  Wall visor "Dannik-5" is designed to transmit through optically opaque barriers, the principle of operation is based on sounding the object by radar signal. The device allows to detect moving (by motion) and still (by breathing) people behind barriers with thickness up to 40 cm within 10 seconds. It can operate at a distance up to 10 m from the rayed wall.

                  Interior Ministry source said that the device will be used to identify barricaded terrorists and search for hostages in difficult to approach areas. According to him, the radar is able to save the lives of police officers often forced to burst into the room at hazard where armed criminals can be found.

                  Wall visor is necessary for special forces in cases of aircraft hijackings or premises take over, it can be used to determine the location and number of terrorists, their weapons, said RBC head of the International Association of Veterans of counterterrorism "Alpha" Sergey Goncharov. Up to now, according to the expert, it is best technology for prevention of terrorist attacks.

                  "Dannik" was developed in the MIA research and production association "Special equipment and communication" since 2009. In summer of 2010 Deputy Interior Minister Sergei Gerasimov said wall visor "Dannik-5" would undergo all tests by the end of the year and would enter the unit, but tests were delayed for some reason. "Dannik" is produced in metropolitan LLC "Mercury-Pro." The representative of this company in conversation with RBC said that he expects interest to radar from other departments - the device can be useful for MOE on disaster locations.

                  For 60.2 million rubles MIA will acquire 29 portable and 7 wearable wall visors. The cost will be about 1 million rubles and 4.6 million rubles for a Unit respectively. Portable wall visor is twice as heavy as wearable - 600 g versus 300 g, but the portable version has the ability to transmit data wirelessly. Wearable has a function for night operations. The rest of the functions are similar.

                  Wall visor developers and the press center of the Interior Ministry do not hide the fact that "Dannik" is not a breakthrough technology but borrowed one. Special forces units are planned to acquire wall visors of domestic production - analogues of wall visors Xaver-100 and Xaver-400 from Camero (Israel). These products of foreign production are not implemented," - told RBC to MIA.

                  According to an official NGO "Special equipment and communication", the Israeli wall visors are "ten times more expensive" than "Dannik". However found by RBC marketing research conducted by the American company for ManTech National Institute of Justice U.S. Department of Justice in October 2012 stated that Xaver-100 could be purchased on the U.S. market for nine thousand dollars (about 315 thousand rubles at current exchange rates) and Xaver-400 - 47.5 thousand dollars about 1.65 million rubles).


                  Interior Ministry will spend 60 million rubles on devices that can see through w...

                  MIA after several years of testing ordered a lot of wall visors- devices to detect people behind walls - amounting to more than 60 million rubles.

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